The Most Expensive Jewelry In The World

Every woman loves a beautiful piece of jewelry, and perhaps the average person is prepared to pay several thousands for a special piece, such as a lovely engagement ring. But when it comes to the world’s most expensive items, the prices are as breathtaking as the lovely jewels themselves.

So here are the top ten items in the list of the most expensive jewelry in the world.


At number ten, an exquisite pink diamond known as Perfect Pink. This 14.23 carat gem is unusual in that it is absolutely pure in color, something which is very rare even for a small pink diamond. To own one this large, this beautiful, and this pure, you had to pay $23.2 million.

Perfect Pink

Number nine is something even rarer – a gorgeous glittering pear shaped blue diamond known as the Winston Blue. This fabulous 13.22 carat stone probably came from South Africa, although its origins are somewhat mysterious, and was set in an engagement ring, and sold for $23.8 million in Switzerland in 2014.

Winston Blue

Our number eight entry may not really qualify, as it is a fabulous jewel encrusted watch, however the watch face is so tiny that the whole piece could easily be mistaken for a bracelet. In fact the face is concealed by three large multi colored diamonds -pink, white and blue – which move apart to show you the time. Made by Chopard, it contains a staggering 874 diamonds, and cost a mere $25 million.

fabulous jewel encrusted watch

Number seven in contrast consists of the simplest possible necklace of twenty seven oval beads made from rare jadeite, fastened with a platinum, gold, diamond and ruby clasp. Once the property of Barbara Hutton, the necklace is valued at $27.4, and like many such pieces it comes with legends of mystery and intrigue.

simplest possible necklace of twenty seven oval beads

Sixth in our list is the Susan Rosen designed Diamond Bikini, with heart shaped diamond décor over the important places! Containing diamonds weighing in at 150 carats, its apparently very uncomfortable to wear, costs $30 million, and is pretty impractical for swimming – although great for posing by the pool.

Susan Rosen designed Diamond Bikini

At number five, we have the Zoe Diamond. This fabulous 9.7 carat bright blue pear shaped diamond is in fact the world’s most valuable diamond by weight, carat for carat, and was sold in 2014 for $32.6 million.

Zoe Diamond

Number four slot goes to another colored diamond, this time a very pale pink square cut stone set in a ring. At $46.2 million, this stone was purchased in 2010 by Lawrence Graff, the world’s leading diamond dealer.

colored diamond

In third place, our second necklace, L’Incomparable Diamond Necklace. In pride of place as a pendant lies the huge 407.48 carat perfect yellow diamond known as L’Incomparable. Supporting this glorious stone are 230 carat’s worth of smaller diamonds, set in a delicate leaf and pattern design. Valued at $55 million.

L'Incomparable Diamond Necklace

Runner up in second place is The Pink Star diamond ring featuring a 59.6 carat oval cut diamond of surpassing quality and beauty. Valued at $72 million, this is the world’s most expensive diamond ring.

The Pink Star diamond ring

And the world’s number one most expensive piece of jewelry? It’s The Wittelsback Graff Diamond, reputedly bought by a Qatari royal family member for $80 million. This perfectly lovely dark blue and very mysterious looking diamond was once part of the crown jewels of Bavaria and Austria.

Wittelsback Graff Diamond

So, next time you gasp at the price of jewelry in your local store, remember that the entire stock of the place is probably worth a lot less than even the number ten item in our list!