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Is it Safe to Buy a LoL Account

League of Legends is a fun game, but ranking up can be hard, and time-consuming. If you have a full-time job, a family, or school commitments then you won’t want to spend endless hours ranking up when instead you could just buy an account that already has everything that you need to actually have fun in the game.

The question is, can you really buy a LoL account safely? Is it a good idea to buy an account, or will the person you buy it from just make off with your money? What are the chances of the account getting banned not long after you buy it?

The answer to those questions is, sadly, “it depends”. There are a lot of scammers out there, and if you just google search for a place that sells LoL accounts, there’s a high chance that you will run into one of those scammers. Even if the person isn’t outright trying to scam you, if you buy from a well-meaning individual there’s a good chance that the account could still get banned because the seller didn’t take proper precautions to hide what they’re doing. The developers don’t like account trading, and if they think that someone is doing that sort of thing – especially if they think that they were also using boosters and bots – then there’s a very good chance that the account could end up getting banned.

The best places to buy League of Legends accounts from are the dedicated sellers – the ones that use professionally programmed bots that are designed to avoid detection, and that are constantly being updated to stay ahead of detection systems. There are also some services that will level up champions for you without using bots, and that will do this using pro players that know the game well and know how to get you lots of XP.

Account boosting is a tricky thing, and you need to make sure that when the account is handed over to you everything is done properly – which means that they change the email address associated with the account over to yours, instead of just giving you the password. This will give you the peace of mind that they can’t come back and claim the account back later by resetting the password.

If you are looking for a good account boosting system, then make sure that you read the reviews of each one you look at. It’s usually easy to spot fake reviews – they are stilted, they all say the same thing, and the language tends to look similar as well. In addition, the reviews tend to flood in over a short period of time. Real reviews will be spread out over a much longer period and will read more naturally. Look for a service that has been around for a long time. Try asking your peers if they have ever bought an account and who from. Tread carefully, and don’t just buy the cheapest account you can find!

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